SmartSAFE: Your Secure Compliant eVault


Maintaining an electronically signed record is essential to the lifecycle of a legally binding transaction. Once created, these electronic records are verified for authenticity and are securely deposited in SmartSAFE. All records are verified and authenticated from eDelivery through eRetention; ensuring that the access or signing credential (i.e. digital certificate, username or password) is verified and that the records remain free from tampering. Additionally, the SmartSAFE continuously updates the status of the transaction’s execution for up-to-the-minute reporting purposes..

SmartSAFE also supports signer access to the user's electronically or digitally signed documents as required by the ESIGN act. Users may access and print certified copies, while the actual archived, eSigned document is left untouched, meeting all legal and compliance requirements. SmartSAFE enables authorized individuals to manage, search, transfer and share electronic files, signed or unsigned, via the Web. All components within the SmartSAFE can be private-labeled for individual customer branding.

SmartSAFE provides three critical standard capabilities, which are listed below. Click on each SmartSAFE Component to read about each in more depth.

Optional modules are available to expand and enhance the capabilities of your SmartSAFE.

SmartSAFE has been deployed worldwide in financial services, insurance, government and healthcare sectors. SmartSAFE software can either be licensed for private-labeled, on-premise deployment or available through eSignSystems' Solution Providers.


The power of the SmartSAFE is enhanced through SmartConnect® XML–based web services; permitting complete functionality and control of the SmartSAFE from your own applications or web portal. SmartConnect is available for virtually all features across our product line, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing enterprise workflow.

Technical Requirements

eSignSystems SmartSAFE server runs on a Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 or 2008, and communicates with Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 or 2008. SmartSAFE (enterprise) users access the system via Microsoft® Internet Explorer. Invitees access the SigningRoom via any modern web browser on an Internet connected device.

Superior Service

Our PMP-certified implementation team members will guide your enterprise through every step of SmartSAFE deployment and integration. It's our attention to detail and customer satisfaction that has earned eSignSystems success throughout the eDelivery, eSignature and eRetention industry.